Dibrugarh University Entrance Question Paper

Dibrugarh University Entrance Question Paper: A Guide for Aspiring Students


Dibrugarh University, located in Assam, India, conducts entrance examinations for various postgraduate programs. These entrance question papers play a crucial role in helping students prepare effectively. In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of Dibrugarh University entrance question paper, provide sample questions, and address common queries.

dibrugarh university entrance question paper

Why Are Dibrugarh University Entrance Question Papers Important?

  1. Assessing Preparedness: Solving previous year question papers allows students to assess their readiness for the entrance exam.
  2. Understanding Exam Pattern: These papers help students understand the format, marking scheme, and types of questions.
  3. Effective Revision: Revisiting past questions aids in reinforcing concepts and identifying weak areas.
  4. Identifying Key Concepts: By studying past papers, you can pinpoint frequently tested themes and recurring questions within your chosen program. This helps you focus on mastering these concepts for exam success.
  5. Practice Makes Perfect: Solving past papers under timed conditions simulates the actual exam environment. This hones your problem-solving skills, time management techniques, and helps you overcome exam anxiety.
  6. Boosting Confidence: Successfully tackling past papers builds your confidence and reinforces your understanding of the subject matter, putting you in a positive frame of mind for the actual exam.

Finding Past DUPGET Papers: Your Quest for Knowledge

  • Dibrugarh University Website: The Dibrugarh University website (https://dibru.ac.in/) might be your first stop. Explore the “Academics” or “Examinations” section for links to past question papers or sample papers. The university might also offer “Model Question Papers” for different programs on their website archive section (https://www.dynamictutorialsandservices.org/p/dibrugarh-university-question-papers.html).
  • University Departments: Individual DU departments might maintain their own repositories of past question papers or sample papers. Check the websites of your target department or contact them directly for inquiries.
  • Educational Websites & Apps: Several educational websites and apps like CollegeDekho, Careers360, and GradeUp offer downloadable PDFs or online practice tests featuring past question papers or sample papers from various universities, including Dibrugarh University

Optimizing Your Learning from Past DUPGET Papers

Here’s how to maximize the benefits of past DUPGET papers:

  • Targeted Approach: Identify the specific postgraduate program you’re applying for and focus on past papers from that particular program or department.
  • Subject-wise Strategy: Dedicate study sessions to practicing past papers, focusing on one subject at a time.
  • Simulate the Exam: Set a timer replicating the actual exam duration and solve the papers under timed conditions. Analyze your performance and identify areas needing improvement.
  • Evaluate & Analyze: Thoroughly review your answers after each attempt. Identify your mistakes, revisit relevant concepts from your textbooks and reference materials, and seek clarification from teachers or mentors if needed.
  • Multiple Years are Key: Don’t limit yourself to a single year’s paper. Explore papers from several past years to gain a comprehensive understanding of recurring themes, question styles, and potential changes in the exam format.

Sample Questions for Dibrugarh University Entrance Exam

  1. Applied Psychology (M.A.):
  2. English Literature (M.A.):
  3. Chemistry (M.Sc.):

Download Dibrugarh university entrance question paper

M. Sc. in Applied Geology

M. Sc. in Life Sciences

M. A./M. Sc. in Anthropology

M. A. in Economics

M. Sc. in Statistics

M. Sc. in Physics

M. A. in Geography

M. A. in Bodo

M. Com in Marketing

M. Com in Finance

M. A. in History

M. A. in Education

M. A. in Philosophy

M. A. in Assamese

M. A. in Applied Psychology

M. Sc. in Mathematics


M. A. in Sociology

1. Where can I find Dibrugarh University entrance question papers?

You can download the question papers from the official Dibrugarh University website or other reliable sources.

2. What is the exam pattern for Dibrugarh University entrance tests?

The exam pattern varies depending on the program. Generally, there are multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and descriptive sections.

3. How should I prepare using these question papers?

  • Understand the syllabus thoroughly.
  • Solve the sample questions within the stipulated time.

4. Can I access question papers for other programs as well?

Absolutely! Dibrugarh University offers entrance exams for various disciplines. Explore the official website for specific program-related materials.

5. Are DUPGET question papers the only resource I need for preparation?

While DUPGET question papers are a valuable tool, they shouldn’t be your sole focus. A strong foundation built through your undergraduate studies, relevant textbooks, class notes, and reference materials is crucial.

6. How many DUPGET question papers should I solve?

Aim to solve past papers from at least 3-5 years for each subject. This provides a good exposure to question styles and recurring themes.

7. Should I memorize answers from past papers?

Rote memorization isn’t recommended. Focus on understanding the underlying concepts, theories, and problem-solving approaches tested in the past papers. This equips you to tackle even unseen questions effectively.

8. What if I can’t find past papers for my specific program?

Look for papers from similar programs within Dibrugarh University. The overall structure and approach to questions might be similar, offering valuable practice. Additionally, explore resources from educational websites and apps that offer practice papers based on the DUPGET format.

By strategically incorporating DUPGET question papers into your study plan, you gain valuable insights, refine your skills, and build confidence for your postgraduate entrance exams at Dibrugarh University. Remember, consistent practice, a positive attitude, and utilizing available resources are the keys to unlocking your academic success. So, leverage past papers, stay focused, and ace your DUPGET exams!

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