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Class 9 Bengali Question Papers 2019: A Comprehensive Guide


As students progress through their academic journey, assessments play a pivotal role in evaluating their understanding of subjects. For Class 9 students studying Bengali the question paper from 2019 serve as valuable resources. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of these papers, discuss their structure, and offer tips to enhance your preparation.

class 9 bengali question 2019

Why Are Class 9 Bengali Question Papers Important?

  1. Insight into Exam Pattern: By analyzing previous year question papers, you gain insights into the exam pattern. Understanding the types of questions, their distribution, and the marking scheme helps you prepare more effectively.
  2. Time Management Skills: Solving question papers within the stipulated time frame enhances your speed and time management skills. Practicing under timed conditions prepares you for the actual examination.
  3. Topic Prioritization: Identifying frequently asked topics allows you to prioritize your preparation. Focus on areas that carry more weightage in the question papers.

Structure of Class 9 Bengali Question Papers

The Class 9 Bengali question papers typically consist of the following sections:

  1. Comprehension (Reading):
    • Four direct questions based on a given passage.
    • The fifth question is grammar-based, covering topics like Swara Sandhi, Sentence Making, Samas, and Opposite Words.

How to Access Class 9 Bengali Question Papers?

You can download the Class 9 Bengali question papers from various sources:

  1. National Council of Educational Research and Training
    • Visit the official website: NCERT.
    • Select the “Display Previous Year Question Paper” link.
    • Look for the Class 9 Bengali question papers for the years 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.
    • Download and save them for future reference.
  2. State Boards:
    • For specific state boards like NBSE (Nagaland Board of School Education) and WBBSE (West Bengal Board of Secondary Education), you can find question papers on their official websites.
    • For example, you can access the NBSE Class 9 Bengali question paper for 2019 from Aglasem Docs and the WBBSE Class 9 Bengali question papers for various years from HSSlive.
    • West Bengal Board of Secondary Education Website: The official website of the WBBSE ( often contains sample question papers and previous years’ exam formats for various subjects, including Bengali.
    • Mock Tests: Several online platforms offer mock tests designed to mimic the format and difficulty level of the actual Class 9 Bengali exam. These can be a great way to gauge your preparation and identify areas for improvement.

Key Benefits of Solving Class 9 Bengali Question Papers

  1. Enhanced Speed and Accuracy: Regular practice improves your ability to solve questions swiftly and accurately.
  2. Understanding Exam Pattern: Familiarity with the question paper format helps you strategize your approach during the actual exam.
  3. Topic Prioritization: Analyzing previous papers guides your focus towards essential topics.
  4. Boosted Confidence: Solving question papers builds confidence and reduces exam anxiety.


In summary, Class 9 Bengali question papers from 2019 provide valuable insights for students. Make the most of these resources by practicing diligently, understanding the patterns, and prioritizing relevant topics. Best of luck with your preparations! 📚🌟

FAQ about Class 9 Bengali Question Paper 2019

  1. What is the structure of the Class 9 Bengali Question Paper (2018-2019)?

    • The Class 9 Bengali Question Paper is divided into four sections, with a total of 80 marks:
      • Section A (Reading Comprehension): Contains unseen passages and related questions (10 marks).
      • Section B (Writing Skills): Includes composition writing (report writing and notice writing) (15 marks).
      • Section C (Grammar): Covers topics like Sandhi (Swara), transformation of sentences, and Samas (20 marks).
      • Section D (Literature): Focuses on prose, poetry, and supplementary reader content (35 marks).
  2. What are the prescribed books for Class 9 Bengali?

    • The recommended textbooks are:
      • Sahitya Sanchayan Bangla (Pratham Bhasha) Nabam Shreni: Published by West Bengal Text Book Corporation.
  3. What is the word limit for answers in the question paper?

    • For different question types:
      • 5 Marks Question: 100-120 words.
      • 3 Marks Question: 40-50 words.
      • 2 Marks Question: 15-20 words.
      • 1 Mark Question: 1 sentence.
  4. Where can I find previous year question papers for Class 9 Bengali?

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