Bihar board objective question 2019 12th

Cracking the Bihar Board Objective Questions: A Comprehensive Guide for Class 12th Students


The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) conducts the Class 12th board exams annually, evaluating students’ knowledge and abilities. One crucial aspect of these exams is the objective questions. Unlike subjective questions that require lengthy explanations, objective questions have predetermined correct answers, making grading more efficient and objective.

In this post, we’ll delve into the significance of objective question, explore the bihar board objective question 2019 12th exams, and provide valuable insights for students aiming to ace these questions.

Why Objective Questions Matter

  1. Efficient Grading: Objective questions streamline the evaluation process. With predefined answers, teachers can assess student performance more objectively and consistently.
  2. Comprehensive Assessment: These questions cover various topics, ensuring a holistic evaluation of students’ understanding.
  3. Exam Pattern Familiarization: Practicing objective questions helps students become familiar with the exam format, reducing anxiety during the actual test.
  4. Practicing Time Management: Time management is key in objective exams. Working with past papers allows you to practice answering questions within the stipulated timeframe.
  5. Building Confidence: Successfully tackling questions from previous years can boost your confidence and exam preparedness.
bihar board objective question 2019 12th

Bihar Board 12th Objective Questions 2019

The 2019 Bihar Board 12th exams featured a range of objective questions across different subjects.

  1. Mathematics:
    • Code 121-327 – F: Students encountered challenging math problems that tested their problem-solving skills.
    • General Mathematics: A mix of algebra, geometry, and calculus questions.
  2. Physics:
    • Code 117-A: Covered topics like mechanics, optics, and electromagnetism.
    • Code 117-H: Focused on modern physics and nuclear physics.
  3. Chemistry:
    • Code 118: Included questions related to chemical reactions, periodic trends, and bonding.
    • Code 118-D: Explored organic chemistry concepts.
    • Code 118-H: Covered inorganic chemistry topics.
  4. English:
    • Code 102-202-F: Tested language proficiency, comprehension, and grammar.
    • Code 102-202-I: Similar to the previous one but with slight variations.
    • Code 105-205-E and 105-205-H: Evaluated reading comprehension and writing skills.
  5. Hindi:
    • Code 101-201-B and 101-201-J: Focused on Hindi literature, grammar, and comprehension.

Tips for Tackling Objective Questions

  1. Understand the Question: Read each question carefully. Identify keywords and focus on what’s being asked.
  2. Eliminate Wrong Options: If you’re unsure, eliminate obviously incorrect choices. This enhances the likelihood of choosing the correct answer.
  3. Time Management: Allocate time wisely. Don’t get stuck on a single question; move on and return later if needed.
  4. Practice Regularly: Solve previous years’ objective question papers. Understand the patterns and improve your accuracy.

Finding Resources for Past Bihar Board Objective Papers

While the Bihar Board might not directly provide past question papers, here are some alternative ways to find them:

  • School Resources: Many schools maintain archives of past exam papers for student reference. Check with your teachers or the school library.
  • Educational Websites: Several educational websites and forums curate collections of previous year Bihar Board papers, including objectives. Look for reputable sites with a history of providing accurate information.
  • Coaching Institutes: Coaching centers often maintain collections of past papers for their students. Consider inquiring if they have access to the 2019 Bihar Board Class 12 Objective Questions.

Beyond Past Papers: Additional Tips for Bihar Board Success

Here are some additional pointers to ace your Bihar Board Class 12 exams, including the objective section:

  • Stay Updated on the Syllabus: Ensure you’re familiar with the latest syllabus for your subjects to avoid any surprises in the exam.
  • Practice Regularly: Solve objective questions from various sources, including mock tests and sample papers.
  • Focus on Important Concepts: Prioritize mastering the key themes and areas outlined in the syllabus.
  • Refine Time Management Skills: Practice answering objective questions under timed conditions to improve your speed and accuracy.
  • Maintain a Positive Mindset: Approach the exam with confidence and a belief in your preparation.


Mastering objective questions is essential for Bihar Board Class 12th students. By practicing consistently, understanding the exam pattern, and staying calm during the test, you can confidently tackle these questions and secure excellent scores.

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